Envi Opinion draft

Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
2007/2115(INI) 18.9.2007 DRAFT OPINION the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety for the Committee on Constitutional Affairs on development of the framework for the activities of interest representatives (lobbyists) in the European Institutions (2007/2115(INI))
Draftsman: Claude Turmes


The Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety calls on the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, as the committee responsible, to incorporate the following suggestions in its motion for a resolution:
1. Recognises the significant influence of lobbying on EU decision making and therefore the need for clear rules; believes that a credible and effective registration and reporting system in all EU institutions, including financial disclosure, has to be mandatory for all lobbyists and be linked to a common code of ethical behaviour; it should also include an independent implementation and sanction mechanism;
2. Calls upon the Commission to clarify the role of its special advisors and clearly define what constitutes a conflict of interests; to clarify the exact purposes of its high level and expert groups and set guidelines for ensuring a balanced representation of diverse sectors of society; to publish on its websites a searchable register of all groups’ membership, including comitology committees, their meeting agendas and documents; to ensure transparency for the establishment of new such groups;
3. Calls upon the Commission to establish a searchable, centralised database containing all relevant information on shared management funds and their beneficiaries;
4. Calls upon the Commission to report on all officials having left the services of this Commission to take up a new job that is related to his/her former field of work within two years of leaving the service, and any conditions or prohibitions it has adopted pursuant to Article 16 of the Staff Regulations;
5. Urges the Commission to provide a detailed list of all staff or experts working at the Commission and being remunerated by the private or non-governmental sector, including who is remunerating them, what services they work for and what files they work on;
6. Calls upon the Parliament to publish on its website a comprehensive and complete list of existing Intergroups, their members, meeting agendas and documents.

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